About us

Coldcentre Asten combines a down-to-earth mentality with a large dose of empathy and market knowledge. Thanks to its years of experience, it knows all about the environment of the manufacturer and that of the recipient, both here and abroad. In its capacity of connecting link, it ensures that the product is not obstructed on its way from the manufacturer to the buyer. The client comes first in everything Coldcentre Asten does.

Coldcentre Asten aims for the highest quality in the logistic chain of temperature-sensitive products. And if the client is satisfied, Coldcentre Asten goes the extra mile. It continuously works on innovating technical resources, on optimising the internal organisation and on training its staff. The sum of these efforts ensures that it thinks of issues which the client has forgotten about or does not want to think about. This applies to current activities, keeping in mind any new developments that may affect those activities in the future. This is vital added value for every manufacturer in the food sector.